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Change is the Only Constant in Web Development Services

The web development tools and skill sets of developers have been evolving for more than a decade now. Earlier websites were overly simplistic, rigid, non-competitive, and for desktops only. The invention of new mobile devices and the emergence of capitalist societies necessitated the transformation in the way websites were viewed by a larger community.

Web Development Transformation with Time

Mobile was the catalyst for major change and has helped get to a world that is modular and flexible. The growth of mobile devices mainly smartphones and tablets brought about the trend of responsive web design. Research says that 75% of website credibility comes from design. Fundamentally, the trend was about appearance and user interface; making web properties easy to use and navigate on mobile devices also, other than just desktop. Tools like Bootstrap grew quickly as a result, providing an easy way to build mobile-first and responsive websites. However, what began as a trend, concerned basically with an appearance later shifted as mobile usage increased. This led to a more sophisticated approach as mobile users with time expected richer and faster web experiences.

Users with mobile devices in their hands expecting a better web experience created a way for the concept of the single-page web app. Single page web apps carried several new-age characteristics as demanded by modern users. These web apps were lightweight, dynamic, capable of handling data-intensive tasks, and handled logic in the browser rather than on the server. It was significant in subsiding the well-established distinction between backend and front end. New technologies came into existence as a consequence of this new advancement; Node.js and frameworks like Angular and React gained popularity and their usage increased.

Learning and Unlearning in Web Development

Change is the only constant in the world of web development services. Only those software companies can remain in the race of this ever-changing world who know how to adapt, learn, unlearn and relearn the skills of the trade. For example, React has dominated the developer community for quite some time now but something will surely replace it at some point. Even if writing code gets easier, understanding how parts of an application fit together from front-end elements to API integration will become crucial.

Bad Web Development Equals Lost Leads

About 50% of internet users proclaim that if a business has an unresponsive website, this demonstrates a sluggish attitude of that business towards customer engagement. If a page times out or takes too long to load, visitors will close the window. People are extremely impatient when it comes to browsing so when a site underperforms, it can straight away put off users from using that service. Countless leads and sales are lost to bad first impressions, from poor design to slow loading times which is why good website development is a necessity in this internet age.

Conclusion: Weblancerz and the Best Web Development Services in DMV

Firms that are negligent about their web development progress suffer extreme losses because today’s web surfers won’t tolerate user-unfriendly features that would take up their extra time as figures say that 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience. Weblancerz is a software house that provides the best web development services in DMV and London. We guarantee our clients that we can never let their 1% consumers go to the competitors, let alone 89%. We provide responsive, fast, and secure web development services to many clients in DMV and London respectively.

Weblancerz works with a diverse portfolio of clients which are small and mid-sized enterprises that have put their trust in us for years. We are a learning organization as our experienced developers are well-adept in changing advancements in the field of web development services and provide leading-edge web development services including CMS and E-Commerce based websites as well as the websites which are inherently SEO optimized, to our clients to be competitive. Our full-stack developers are at top of their game using open source programming including PHP, Java, ASP, .NET, and other modern techniques to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

A good website developer is one who knows how to build sustainable websites with little or no redevelopment need. After a one-off cost, if need be, clients should only be required to pay for small updates and maintenance for their websites. Our web developers at Weblancerz ensure convenient and viable web solutions to our clients as we know that ineffective website development would lead to the constant back and forth hassle with programmers and designers resulting in increased costs and delayed access to a usable website and that is a bothersome situation that we don’t want our clients to go through. Our developers strongly believe that web development is efficient when done right.

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