Custom Software Development Company in DMV

With our uniquely designed custom software development services we aim to bring a 360 degree digital transformation to your business, making your rigid business operations straightforward, effortless, measurable and thus scalable.

Web Development Services

Our team of creative web developers works with accuracy to bring you exceptional quality web design and development services which not only ensure performance but also good user experience for your visitors.

Web Apps

B2B Websites


Progressive Web Apps

Mobile Application Development Services

We identify your business’ specific needs and work towards bringing you top standard mobile applications with a sophisticated and engaging design, developed to enhance your customer reach and make your business day-to-day functioning easier.

IOS App Development

Android App Development

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

E-commerce Website Development

A well designed E-commerce website can help your business reach new levels online. With our responsive and easy to use E-commerce website development services, we enhance your sales; make logistics management painless and scalability feasible for your online store.


B2B Websites


Custom E-Commerce

CMS Website Development

Our expertise in CMS website development can bring a systematic change to your business website. Our CMS development service would ensure your reach, control and management over content on your website eliminating all technical complexities.


Android App Development


B2B & B2C Portals

Enterprise Software Development

Carry the foundation of your business with our superior enterprise software development service allowing you to automate various processes. Let it be project management, employees progress tracking or operations management our custom developed enterprise software will make it all uncomplicated for you, bringing constant business growth in.

Faster Application Development Tool

Enterprise CRM

Content Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

UI/UX Design Services

We hold ourselves responsible for transforming your imagination to visible online assets. Our UI/UX design team relies on premium tools and our service ensures the alignment of your brand’s identity to the design we craft, providing a high standard user-experience to your customers.

Wire Framing


Design Thinking


SEO Friendly Development

A part from the first-rate websites and app development, we also ensure your website rank # 1 on SERPs. Our team is always concentrated on SEO friendly development so your website always performs well in search engines, your brand get more visibility and your business attract more customers.

SEO Optimization

Responsive Design

Top Ranking

Back Linking

Quality Assurance Services

Our development process also involves checking the validity, practicality and productivity of the product we develop for our customers. We make sure the developed system is functional and serves the purpose it was built for, without any error or inaccuracy.

Manual Testing

Automation Testing

Trouble Shooting


Types of Engagement Models

We offer different engagement models so we could serve you the best being specific to your diverse business objectives and requirements in a distinct manner.

  • Flexible Time & Flexible Price
  • Fixed Time & Fixed Price

Such an approach works best for ongoing projects, best suitable for small to mid-sized businesses that require complex tasks such as troubleshooting and debugging, technical maintenance and support.

In order to provide you with best work and flexible solutions, we start off Time & Material approach by estimating the cost of specific tasks and agree on the milestones to be set. This helps us to achieve solutions fast and effectively.

No Hidden Cost

Monthly Billing

Pay Only For Measurable Work

No Setup Fee

With being a low risk model, it is also better for startups and businesses with clear requirements. We define the budget and time beforehand and work accordingly; along with providing MVP so all the setbacks are resolved before the real launch.

This approach works best for long-term projects such as developing a website or mobile applications from scratch.

We Render MVP

Defined Time Frames

Require No Change

Upgrade Or Cancel Any Time

Software Development Life-Cycle

Weblancerz development team only adopts modern & robust technologies to build scalable softwares tailored to your exact needs.

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Frameworks
  • CMS
  • Database

This framework is perfect for the creation of video streaming apps, user-generated content portals, and social apps. It’s a time-saving tool that lets developers write less code and achieve greater functionality based on the MVC architecture.

2,534,543 websites
20% faster delivery

Advanced JS library for building UI with the ability to reuse system components, which significantly boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance. React help build high-load apps with stable code and continuous app performance.

SEO friendly
759,597 websites

A programming language that makes it possible to turn static pages into interactive ones. Using JavaScript, it is possible to create dynamically updated content and animate images. JavaScript is very popular since it is an easy-to-use language, it is supported by almost all browsers.

40% faster for the end user
92% of websites
40% more efficient

In general, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language that is used together with CSS to markup and tailor the look of pages. The fifth is the latest version of HTML containing a lot of enhancements that allow dealing with more engineering aspects.

73.8% switched to it
#1 choice for web apps

Cascading Style Sheets define how HTML elements will be displayed on a page. CSS is used to recreate user interfaces composed by designers. Put simply, the button you see on a website is an HTML element but it was colored and centered by means of CSS.

95.7% websites worldwide
10+ robust frameworks

A CSS pre-processor that provides CSS with dynamic capabilities. This compiler is easy to use, possible to use variables, it can be used on the client’s side, new classes can be integrated. LESS simplifies the workflow process, gives developers more flexibility.

30% faster web development
155,000+ websites

SASS is a CSS pre-processor that lets us make writing CSS much more powerful by using variables, loops, and other functionalities. Sass helps us write clean, easy and less CSS in a programming construct. It is stable, powerful, and elegant and compatible with all versions of CSS.

30% faster coding
65% of developers use SASS

The abbreviation of PHP stands for “Personal Home Page”. Originally, it was designed as a simple scripting language and then evolved into something more over time. Nowadays, this programming language is widely used for server-side programming.

Higher performance
78.9% websites worldwide
4th place in PYPL Index

An object-oriented language that allows developers to create various secure and reliable apps that run on .Net Framework. It is considered to be one of the most powerful and demanded languages. A unique language that is used to build native Windows apps, mobile apps, REST APIs and other software.

4th most popular language
40% faster development
600+ large communities

NodeJS is an event-driven technology for creating real-time web applications. Node.js is perfect for creating data-heavy solutions as it is capable of handling traffic spikes. NodeJS is successfully applied for various website application development services.

10% faster MVP deliverye
20% higher performance
82,304 websites

This is a lightweight and open-source JavaScript-based framework for Node.js server environment. It is designed for building the server-side of web applications as well as APIs. Express.js is a part of the MEAN stack together with MongoDB and AngularJS.

800K+ websites worldwide
10% programming boost

Laravel is a PHP framework for developing scalable, feature-rich and secure websites and apps. The projects are delivered in a short period of time. Laravel makes integration with third-party tools easier and helps to secure web apps efficiently.

Highly scalable
235,158 websites

High-performance PHP framework that implements MVC pattern. Designed for fast development of large web apps. Due to a large number of possible tools, YII2 is used for building apps with high traffic flow. It is efficient and provides developers with a detailed documentation.

45% faster testing process
30-40% shortened development time
147,000 websites

PHP framework that uses the MVC pattern. It includes all set of tools that are required for quick web applications development. A developer can start building apps use Symfony distribution. It has flexible settings, scalability, and high stability. The framework is available for free.

46,000+ websites
40% faster web app development
2000+ contributors

The power of this framework is utilized by developers from all over the globe for building scalable and maintainable web applications. The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern at the heart of the framework enables an efficient development process.

100% open source
20% efficiency increase

A free-to-use e-commerce platform that is designed for creating online shopping. This engine can be installed on any web server with MySQL and PHP support. It has a high functionality level, user-friendly interface and it is easy to install. OpernCart allows you to create profitable e-commerce solutions.

20+ payment tools supported
385,000+ websites
45% higher performance

WordPress is a cost-effective and SEO friendly CMS for website creation. WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform, its convenient administration panel makes it easy to implement changes to your website. Additional functionality is gained by plugins implementation.

26.9% of all websites
47,000 WordPress plugins
20% faster time-to-market

Joomla is the perfect CMS solution for multimedia, dynamic websites, which contain lots of content. Using the platform it is easy to create an advanced SEO-friendly website. Joomla is compatible with all browsers and has many plugins and modules.

2,561,932 websites
5.7% of all the websites
7,941 extensions

MySQL is a stable, reliable and powerful database management system. It offers on-demand scalability and allows complete customization to eCommerce businesses. MySQL is designed to meet demanding requirements and ensure performance.

since 1995 on market
#1 Top databases
+30% app performance

The PostgreSQL relational database is distributed for free. What’s more, its source code is available to all those wishing to utilize it. The database is not controlled by any organization or private entity and each engineer can contribute to its development.

15% better scalability
8% richer indexing

This is a free and open-source database focused on storing and managing document-oriented information. MongoDB keeps data in JSON-like documents that allow for greater flexibility and opportunity to change data structure over time.

40M+ downloads
35K+ GitHub repositories

This out-of-the-box solution provides search and analytics engine that is capable of adapting to a variety of use cases. Put simply, software engineers spend much less time on implementing data search and analytics capabilities.

20% faster deployment
40% more stable code

A non-relation database management system. It stores all data and it is possible to access this data using a special key. Due to high speed and simplicity, Redis is often used for mobile and web apps, e-commerce platforms, and so on. This DBMS is created for storing data from your software and process it efficiently.

20% higher performance
Up to 6GB of storage capacity

Software Development Technology Stack

We undertake proper set of actions before starting off with any project to better understand your target audience, market needs and your business’s objectives ensuring the best results. To minimize risks and inefficiencies, we divide our projects into phases to deliver a solid and safe solution.


Our planning phase includes a complete analysis of your idea.


We construct an entire model, UI design to provide you a picture.


Launching the entire model into the market to get accurate feedbacks


Proper feedbacks and testing it internally with our team of expertise