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How Shopify is a Game-Changer in E-commerce Industry?

Are you a budding entrepreneur owning a small or medium-sized business who wants to sell stuff online? Do you wish to set up your online store but don’t possess the technical skills required for e-commerce web development? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then Shopify CMS is the right way for you to proceed to. Shopify is highly popular among startups because it is the simplest, easiest, and most convenient e-commerce platform out there which offers a variety of value-adding services under an affordable monthly subscription.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a CMS that helps in creating an online store with minimum technical know-how. The platform takes care of setting up the technical aspects of your shop including the server, payment gateways, and updates etcetera so all you need to do is personalize it and attract clients. For using Shopify services, a monthly subscription fee (basic Shopify plan, Shopify plan, and advanced Shopify plan) needs to be paid as well as it is not a free service.

Basic Features

If Shopify asks you for monthly payments then that payment comes with a considerable increase in value in terms of the services offered. Shopify services are intuitive as its menu and features have been designed in such a way so that you can set up an online store in only half an hour. Shopify includes hosting as well so there is no need to worry about the shop’s loading speed. They have exceptional and hands-on customer service reps. If anyone has any questions, Shopify assists through forums, email, or chat. In case of any further queries, there is a ‘Shopify Academy’ which a platform with free courses to help you manage your business. If you choose one of the advanced plans, the platform will automatically give you a performance report and specific client statistics of your e-commerce so you can maneuver your sales strategy accordingly.

SEO-Optimized CMS

Shopify is highly optimized for search engine optimization as well. It has a clean code and all its template designs are responsive. The essentials in terms of marketing tools that make your e-store appear in search results are present in Shopify. For marketing campaigns, Shopify can create engaging landing pages which is the distinct differentiator that makes Shopify CMS efficient than others. If you are looking for one platform that can take care of your SEO, marketing, design, user interface, and experience then Shopify is the CMS that can benefit you the most.

Add-ons and Plugins

Shopify offers add-ons and plugins because companies today need customizations and integration in their e-stores which can be conveniently done with Shopify apps.  Many times, customers leave the e-store without making a purchase, Shopify has the solution for this also. It tracks down incomplete orders and reminds customers to complete the purchase. This is a key activity in building trust among customers.


Shopify is a secure and reliable e-commerce service. A modern online store needs to be secure, and personal and financial data should be safe. Shopify promises 99.8% uptime which means for instance that customers can reach a specific e-store at any given time from anywhere in the world. Every store comes with SSL certificates that improve security and trust in stores. More than a million merchants ranging from small and medium companies to large corporations run their online stores through Shopify.

Conclusion: Weblancerz and the Best E-commerce Web Development Services in DMV

To benefit from all the exciting e-commerce features of Shopify, it is imperative to select a service provider who knows who to set up Shopify for you, otherwise, amateur service providers can waste this effort of yours. If a service provider also offers their additional in-house, personalized features then that is a cherry on top. Weblancerz is THAT service provider based in DMV and London. It is a software house that offers one of the best e-commerce web development services in both DMV and London. Our developers have specialized knowledge and experience in Shopify CMS and SEO services. We offer Shopify Store Development, Shopify App Development, Migration to Shopify, and Theme Customization along with the built-in Shopify features. Convenience is a word synonymous with Shopify and Weblancerz understands this by serving its e-commerce and e-store clients accordingly.

Shopify has with time become the first choice for sellers who just have few products to sell and do not want to invest in an expensive, heavy-duty, and complicated CMS. Weblancerz has vast experience working with small and medium-sized companies and helping them set functioning e-stores and providing them custom CMS development services. If you are planning to establish your e-commerce store, it is the right time to invest in Shopify development services for dependable, engaging, and secure e-commerce web development services.

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