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Joomla: The Top-Rated CMS Platform for a Reason

Are you wondering which CMS website to choose and get developed which can better your odds of achieving your business goals? As per the statistics, Joomla has the second largest market share among CMS platforms, behind only to WordPress which powers the most number of websites in the global CMS market. Having said that, Joomla has some clear distinctions over other platforms which will be unfolded briefly in this article.

Joomla, also known as ‘Joomla!’ is an open-source, content management system that helps in building websites. It is a free platform and includes many extensions and templates to customize a website. The official statistics say that Joomla has close to 8,000 extensions. There are plugins for everything in Joomla. It has become one of the most powerful and downloaded (roughly 118 million times) open-source content management systems in the world. With features like easy-installation, adaptability and flexibility, Joomla has the ability to uplift your website’s content management plan when developed properly.  

The most popular Joomla features include support for multilingual sites as it provides more than 70 translation packs with just one back office to manage it all, better user management, flexibility in displaying non-standard content, built-in performance-boosting functionality, powerful PHP applications, manu and cache management and publishing tools such as article management, media manager, editor buttons and content versioning etc. Joomla has a higher degree of security as compared to WordPress because Joomla developers offer security extensions that manage all vulnerabilities.

Joomla provides multi-dimensional CMS solutions from creating personal homepages to complex and corporate web applications. It is the market best CMS platform for creating social networks. Due to its high-performing extensions like EasyBlog, RSBlog and CJBlog to name a few, it also offers powerful blogging capabilities. Unlike commercial solutions that offer different versions with different budget options, Joomla is available in the one all-encompassing and comprehensive version which is cost free.

Joomla provides note-worthy benefits in search engine optimization also. Joomla requires the most initial supervision and attention in terms of SEO but at the same time, it has great potential to rank very high if websites and pages are properly set up.  One of the SEO-centric Joomla features include turning on SEF URLs, enabling URL rewriting and also the ability to choose whether to enable URL suffixes or not. Joomla Global Configuration in websites has an option of setting search engine friendly URLs. This can help in removing random codes from the URLs and optimize them so they rank higher in the search engines. This action clears things up as Google and other search engines can understand what your URLs actually represent. In addition to that, global meta description and meta keywords as well as define meta tags and title tags can be added at a page level.

Joomla websites facilitate in speeding things up which is a prerequisite in effective SEO. When a visitor clicks on your website and loads a page, Joomla fetches content from a database and loads all of the necessary components to present the page to the end user. By using the right plugins in Joomla, you can identify weak spots and vulnerabilities about SEO that you didn’t even know existed.

However, if a Joomla website needs more than basic optimization, help of developers is required for advanced optimization since Joomla proper on-site optimization is not a one-click affair for first-time users. The software has basic SEO-optimization functionality that can be extended using the experience of qualified developers. Joomla can accommodate any type of website; an entry-level, medium-sized or even an established business. Therefore, whatever the type of business you have, Joomla can satisfy your CMS website needs. So, if you are a small, medium or an established business looking to have Joomla powered website for your content management operations and wanting more than basic SEO optimization, Weblancerz is a well-established software based in Washington and London, that you can contact without giving a second thought.

Our developers promise to deliver Joomla-centric services such as site maintenance, extensions customization, template development, and e-commerce solutions, which are our forte. We provide custom Joomla solutions as per our client’s brief. We deeply analyze your business requirements and then suggest the sort of advance Joomla installations, plugins, templates, and customizations that will facilitate your business growth. Business owners want the best for their business so whichever CMS platform our clients want to have for their business, we advise them to keep their best interest at heart and provide them all-inclusive support throughout the process.

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