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SEO SEM and PPC: How are they Linked and Why are they Better Together?

Do you want to attract both, organic and paid search traffic to your company’s online presence but confused as to how to go about it? Millions of businesses try to vie for the same sweet spot in the competitive world. Therefore, it has become very important for businesses to advertise online and search engine marketing and search engine optimization are the most effective ways to promote your products.

Linkage Between SEO, SEM, and PPC

Search engine marketing is an overarching term that includes both, search engine optimization and pay-per-click. SEO optimizes a website to get traffic from organic search results while to get a website in the paid area of the search results, PPC is used.  A recent study showed that about 97% of consumers tend to search about a company online before purchasing their products and around 70% of searchers believe the information they see in the search results. It tells that SEM is the way to go to grow your business.

SEM’s Significance

SEM is the practice of marketing and promoting a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages. Advertisers bid on keywords that users of search engines and browsers such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo might enter when searching about certain products or services. It gives advertisers the opportunity for their ads to appear with results for those search queries. These ads are called pay-per-click ads. Search engine marketing’s greatest power is that it provides advertisers the opportunity to place their advertisements in front of motivated and serious customers-cum-buyers who will make a purchase. No other advertising medium can do it.

SEM and Keywords

Keywords make the base of SEM. When users enter keywords into search engines to find what they are looking for, the keywords, as a result, form the basis of SEM as an advertising strategy. Comprehensive research as part of keyword management strategy needs to be done before finalizing which keywords to use in your campaigns. Keyword research can also help you identify negative keywords which are search terms that should be omitted from your campaigns. Negative keywords are irrelevant terms to your business that are highly unlikely to cause conversions. Rather than wasting resources on negative keywords, some keywords that have high commercial intent should be focused on which denote that the searcher is likely to buy something.

Conclusion: Weblancerz and Digital Marketing Services (SEO and SEM) in DMV and London

SEM’s both key branches, PPC and SEO work better together. For keyword strategy, PPC data can notify SEO of the most profitable keywords to target for higher organic rankings. On the other hand, SEO data can recognize which keywords are worth bidding on. Many companies don’t possess in-house SEM competencies so they don’t know how to capitalize on them. Weblancerz is an SEM and SEO services agency where we have experts in DMV and London, having the required skills and experience to help you reach the desired conversion rate and the level of paid and unpaid search traffic.

Our Google AdWords certified managers will optimize your online ads so there are guaranteed high conversion rate and better quality of leads. They can run PPC campaigns for lead generation, individual products, and branding initiatives to provide instant results. Weblancerz’s SEM experts run such PPC campaigns which are based on comprehensive research and analysis driving the right customers to you. In our engagement model, our experts and clients, mutually define conversion goals and review past data to strategize accordingly.

By analyzing the competition, we empower our clients by helping them reach the full potential of their products and services through high-performing ads.  Badly chosen landing pages can destroy your campaign. Our PPC services will make sure that when someone clicks your ad, they are ushered to a landing page that guarantees conversion.

With our solid ad testing mechanism and through A/B testing multiple ads, our experts constantly determine the effectiveness of ads to ensure that they are running at their peak. User trends allow us to determine how an ad might need to change. We religiously follow these trends to track clicks on ads so the advertisements can be aligned accurately with your audience.

An SEM study suggests that 76% of PPC ad spend is wasted on the wrong search terms. A wasted ad that doesn’t bring sales to a company means a loss of advertising investments and intellectual efforts. To save our clients from this loss, we promise high-quality SEM and SEO services to our clients in DMV and London that guarantee a measurable return on investment through our testing capabilities. Our team provides complete transparency into how your PPC budget is being spent so you know what you are going to get in return.

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